New PCT 310

EAS: Nuevo controlador Atlantis PCT-310

Maximum power
Incredible performance

The new Atlantis PCT-310 is an industrial controller with a compact 10-inch design. It’s built to overcome the challenges of textile automations by offering higher throughput. Work flows through its new touch screen, and with its Wi-Fi connection, you'll say goodbye to cables.

All the features at an incredible price.

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Icono - Pantalla táctil 10

Pantalla táctil 10"

Icono - Wi-Fi


Icono - Windows 10 iOT

Windows 10 iOT

Icono - Disco SSD de 64 GB

Disco SSD de 64 GB

Icono - 4 GB de RAM

4 GB de RAM

Icono - USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Icono - HDMI & Display Port

HDMI & Display Port

Icono - Ethernet


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