This conference organised by the prestigious Spanish Association of Chemists and Textile Colourists aims to promote industry 4.0 in the textile sector.

On the 4th of December it will take place a technical-training conference organised by the Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colourists (AECQT) where EAS has been invited to speak about the industry 4.0 and the leading textile.  

The purpose of this conference is to present the tools and options for automation of different processes involved in a textile plant by implementing technology 4.0, which has been a big step forward in this industry. 

Textiles are no longer just a labour-related market linked to labour, which has always been very distinctive to this sector. 4.0 is a safe value because it provides companies very powerful tools for the integrated management of the factory. They will be able to take their manufacturing to the next level, committing to quality and maintaining a strict cost control.

At EAS we have been offering since 1990 the highest technology in automation systems for textile; 4.0 has only just begun.

In this conference three of our experts will make their wide experience in the sector available to attendees, by introducing topics of significant interest.  

Agustí Escarré, CEO and founder of EAS, will open this conference by explaining the concept of industry 4.0. With him we will understand the difference between a simple automation in relation to the artificial intelligence offered nowadays. He will also put the impact on environment into perspective.

Stephen Heathcote, Telecommunications Engineer and IT Manager at EAS, will give us more details on integrated monitoring and control systems. With him we will learn how we can manage the systems involved in a textile production process such as production planning. In addition, he will inform us about data analysis, OEE and cost analysis. This will help the textile entrepreneur to be more efficient while maintaining quality standards.

Francesc López, Sales Manager at EAS, will explain the demands of the textile market through his extensive experience doing business with entrepreneurs from around the world. He will let us know the demands of the sector and how 4.0 implementation can help them. Also, he will tell us about the benefits of traceability and the control that the entrepreneur can adopt over all processes, in order to comply with the required certifications.

Agustí Escarré will be closing of the conference, talking about remote assistance and virtual reality and the extreme importance of computer security in a company.

Development and common ideas to continue leading the way in the textile industry.

The AECQT is a prestigious national non-profit institution founded in 1958.

The main purpose of this institution is to create a meeting point between managers and technicians of companies in the textile sector dedicated to bleaching, dyeing, printing, printing, manufacturing and finishing garments, with related professionals such as university professors, engineering and science students, CSIC researchers and technological centres, among others. A space where ideas can be developed and shared to encourage the textile sector can carry on opening its way.

If you want to find out more about how much the 4.0 industry has to offer in the textile sector, join us. The appointment is on December 4, 2019 at the company CREVIN S.A. In the following link you will find more information.

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