The complete solution for indigo/denim lines

TecnoDenim is the solution for the complete automation of preparation, storage and dosage of chemical and auxiliary products specific for continuous indigo/denim dyeing lines.

EAS: TecnoDenim

At EAS we have developed one of the most complete dyeing technologies in the market. From a combination of the ability of our hardware and the intelligence of our software, we have designed an automation capable to create an automatic workflow from the beginning to the end completely adapted to this type of fabric.

Complete recipe management with InfoTint

The whole process starts in our InfoTint system. Our software calculates the recipe taking into account all the important parameters of the process, such as: fabric meters, article collection, bath ballast, among others. Through this calculation, InfoTint is able to determine accurately the amount of product to be sent to each of the consumption tanks from the integrated continuous indigo dyeing lines.

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Chemicals and auxiliaries managed precisely

Sistema de almacenaje TecnoFill

The storage system TecnoFill manages and carries out the perfect and safe loading of the various chemicals arriving through the supplier. The product is loaded using a suction lance. The product is classified and stored in tanks controlled by a system of levels which indicate at all times the level of the product contained in the tank. Its built-in barcode reader allows, in an easy way, the registration and classification of the different products to be stored, creating an online inventory that allows to keep the control of the raw materials.

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Distribute and create with TecnoDos and TecnoMix

Based on the recipe activated in InfoTint, the products and liquid dyes go through TecnoDos to be distributed to the intermediate preparation tanks and/or to the TecnoMix to proceed with the preparation and mixing of the product to be used. When the preparation is ready, it is distributed to the consumption tanks of the different dyeing lines.

Our system controls the whole process of preparation of chemicals and dyestuffs with precise measurements based on the recipe to create the ideal bath ratio for the fabric to be treated. If necessary, manual insertion of products is also allowed.

We know that each section of a Denim machine has its own specific process. For this reason, TecnoDenim system is able to perform all the distribution between preparation and consumption tanks in an automatic way, controlling the levels in each point and recording the consumption made in each moment.

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Distribuye y crea con TecnoDos
Distribuye y crea con TecnoMix

Atlantis for total control

With Atlantis we become the brain of the machine. Thanks to our PCT300 and PCT900 controllers the process can be controlled and relevant values such as working speed, stops within the process, machine downtime and more can be known. With these data we obtain OEE statistics (Global Efficiency of Productive Equipment) automatically. With this dyeing technology, the result will be a high-quality fabric.

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EAS: Atlantis para el Control Total

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