Tex Monitor. User interface designed for operators, providing information on machine status in real time and making it possible to interact with each of the machines.

Smart Recipe. Makes it possible to create the full recipe simply on the basis of the three-colour process data and the batch properties.

TexPes. Assisted control of manual weighing of colorants and/or ancillary products. Connection through a standard driver that adapts to any scales with an RS-232 serial port. Allows box-to-box control.

TexLab. Handles recipe validation and studies, including colourimeter and production. On the basis of the three-colour process it gives the full recipe with its chemicals, auxiliary products and salt. It keeps all the dyeing engineering in a single system, both in the laboratory and in production.

TexView. Online information analysis. Creates and manages indicators (KPIs, OEE, etc.) to study efficiency.

TexMant. Maintenance. Preventive and corrective management of all machinery, with built-in software to complete a solution that is unique on the market.

TexDosif. Dosing. Control and management of chemical and/or auxiliary product dosing systems. Includes driver for communication with dosers.

TexDriveWeb. Customer web portal. Access the status of your orders via Internet.

TexHost. Communication. Allows planning to be received from outside and production data and consumption figures to be sent to the central system.

TexPlani. Finite planner. A tool for online finite planning to deal with the realities of dyeing operations, providing automatic planning proposals.

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