Complete solution for preparing and dosing chemical, auxiliary products and colours for dyeing and finishing machines. The experience of EAS in this sector has led to the construction of integrated, robust, reliable and agile systems.



Modular system designed to adapt to the needs of the customer in an easy way. Our software is prepared to adapt to the different processes (batch and continuous) of a textile finishing plant.

Maintainability and supportability

Our experience of more than 25 years can be seen on the product engineering and the most characteristic thing is the use, in most cases, of standard products. We think that the customer has to easily get the most of spare parts in an agile and economical way. We also provide remote technical service with an efficient remote control product, easy to use.

Integration and traceability 

Thanks to InfoTint and TexDrive, which are very powerful systems for the complete management of dyeing and finishing, our colour kitchens become a fully automated product. This integration lets you carry out the optimization of processes, saving products and correctly dissolving colours. So, dyers and people in charge, have the perfect tool to manage their production in the best possible way.


Volumetric dosing system of chemical and auxiliary products for dyeing plants

The system controls a group of 3-way valves, forming a collector, plus a set consisting of a pump and a flowmeter. This control is done by means of Atlantis, EAS controller that allows the interconnection with control and supervision systems such as InfoTint, TexLine and TexDrive, as well as ERP external systems.
The dosing system TECNODOS does not need any specific installation for the storage of chemical and auxiliary products and lets us use the existing storage areas and/or tanks. Level control are available or avoiding errors due to missing products.
Products are aspirated and sent by a tri-lobe pump, with high performance and resistance to chemical products. A HIGH PRECISION electromagnetic or mass flowmeter will do the counting. Once the product is in the machine tank, a line cleaning is done (configurable).

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