The system dissolves salts in powder form from sacks of between 25 and 50 kg or big-bags so that they can be stored in tanks and dispensed to machines in a stable liquid form.

The system has an Atlantis controller for the dissolution process. There is a register for setting up different dissolution programmes according to product type.

Suitable for other salts or auxiliary compounds in powder form (please consult).


  • Elimination of the need for handling sacks of salt anywhere in the plant;
  • Reduction of working liabilities and improved ergonomics for workers;
  • Improved dissolution process, maintaining a stable dissolution and constant concentration at all times;
  • Elimination of salt residues. All the salt is used for the dissolution;
  • Optimisation of worker time on machine and weighing scales thanks to the fact that the machine automatically processes the dissolution and the dyeing machine ‘asks’ to be filled with salt automatically;
  • Better stock control and the option for working with big-bags. 
  • Number of dissolution tanks: 1
  • Capacity of tank(s) in litres: 1000
  • Number of products: 1
  • Preparation capacity:
    • 8.000 Kg salt/ 24-hours (*) with cold water 10.000 Kg salt/ 24 hours (*) with water at 50ºC
    • Salt/water ratio: 275 gr/litre of dissolution (*)

       * These values may vary depending on salt and water quality.


The system has 2 parts: Hoppers for emptying sacks/big-bags; and dissolution tank:

Hoppers for emptying sacks

  • 1 stainless-steel 200-litre hopper for emptying sacks, complete with sack shelf and safety guard;
  • 1 minimum level sensor;
  • 1 distributor silo unloader;
  • 1 screw-conveyor dispenser;

Preparation tank

  • 1 stainless steel 1000-litre tank;
  • 1 stirrer;
  • 2 minimum and maximum level switches;
  • 1 load-cell system for redundant load control;
  • 1 fill litre-counter;
  • 1 set of devices for automatic preparation, suspension, pumping and washing;
  • 1 stock tank transfer pump;
  • 1 analogical ultrasound level for the stock tank.
Technical details
  • Power supply: Three-phase 380/440VAC (± 10%) + Ground 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum absorbed power: 8 kW
  • Air supply pressure: minimum 7 bar/maximum 9 bar
  • Water supply pressure: minimum 1.5 bar/maximum 2.5 bar
  • Required minimum flow volume: 150 litres/min.
  • Maximum ambient temperature at work post: 45°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature of solenoid and other valves in tanks and field equipment: 50°C
Control system

TecnoSal is controlled by the Atlantis automation system by EAS and includes:

Power and manoeuvring electrical cabinet

  • Cabinet in AISI-304 stainless steel
  • Protection devices
  • Full PLC unit with CoDeSys-based control software
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Alarm buzzer and light/li>

PCT Compact

  • Full integrated PC
  • Windows 10 IoT operating system (including licence)
  • 15” LED touchscreen
  • 32GB CF static disc
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports and 2 Ethernet ports
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) included

Big-bag unloading frame

  • 1 support structure in INOX 316 steel measuring 1500x1500 mm (external dimensions), height 5330 mm to keep the bottom of the big-bag at a maximum height of 1500 mm;
  • 1 hook for hanging big-bags;
  • 1 big-bag fall protection beam;
  • 1 big-bag manual diaphragm valve in AISI-316;
  • 1 electrical big-bag loading hoist.
Maximum big-bag sizes

Big Bag

  Height 2100 mm
  Width 1200 mm
  Unloading opening 400 mm


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