TexDrive is a management software that fully controls the textile plant, both administration and production in a totally integrated way. TexDrive manages everything from the commercial order to the invoicing, going through raw and material warehouses, intermediate warehouses until finished products, route map, recipes and, the most important, full connection with machines.

TexDrive includes a module for supervision and production follow up InfoTint which is a full control system for dye houses, finishing and weaving or knitting machines, integrating the chemicals processes and machine’s programs into the recipe management. It is a multitasking system, which works actively in the production in a way that allows the Administration to access immediately to any data (production, costs, performance …).

In the plant, InfoTint allows the direct connection to machine controllers, from weaving and loom control (or knitting machines) until finishing, chemicals dispensing systems, color kitchen, scales or rotary magazine. In this way we get a total control and registry of all the weaving, dyeing and finishing batch parameters.

The recipe in InfoTint has all necessary data to control costs, considering all the consumptions (time, water, steam, electric power, chemicals and dye-stuff). The costs can be theoretical or real, depending if is before or after the dye operation, with the possibility to compare and see any loss of production.

Having the control of all the production parameters, we obtain all kind of registers and historical statistics, allowing a comprehensive study in the laboratory, such as production statistics, dye house efficiency, percentage of RFT (Right First Time), stops in production, alarms, etc.

InfoTint includes its modules specifically developed to offer the best integral textile management software. Visit the specific headland for more information.
Besides the standard functions of management systems for dye houses, TexDrive has a number of advantages that stand out from other systems:
  • Flexible Route Map (allows to add operations once the production has started)
  • Every operation has its own recipe and technical components of process.
  • Communication with lots of market controllers.
  • Product in constant technological advancement in its single version, compatible to all customers
  • Tools for easy editing and printing of the lists, that may be modified by the customer
  • Conditions in the editing process and recipes that allow to optimize the number of them
  • Formulas to simplify and reduce the number of processes and recipes

Plant management – TexDrive Management

For the full management of textile plant
  • Customer orders
  • Allows the creation of several productive lines, with the possibility of numbering and custom printouts for each line
  • Customizing labels
  • Multilanguage
  • Management of raw material warehouse. Entry deliveries. Batches
  • Product orders. Supplier orders, reception of orders
  • Outside partners management
  • Dispatch and delivery notes. Documents adapted to each customer
  • Management of prices list by customer, codification of discounts by article, color, etc.
  • Creation in pdf format and automatic e-mail sending of delivery notes and invoices, configurable by customer
  • Capable of exporting printouts to Word, Excel and pdf format
  • Printouts configurable by the customer
  • A grid on each screen for an easy display of registered data
  • Management of manufacturing orders
  • Graphical planning with possibility of scheduling by dragging the mouse
  • Management of route map. Recipes for each operation. Dynamic route
  • Management of reprocessing
  • Integral connection with production machines
  • Management of Chemicals/colorants warehouse
  • Customizable production reports
  • Production tracing (general, by machine, operator, customer, article, etc.)
  • Production costs
  • Operators management
  • External reprocessing
  • Traceability


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