Atlantis Controllers

Innovation in textile machinery automation

Atlantis controllers are the perfect choice for industrial environments looking for high performance on textile machines. Thanks to their compact design, they are easily integrated into any machine, and their high-visibility touch screen enhances efficiency and makes it easy to maintain.

The most complete industrial automation on the market

Atlantis allows to establish a connection flow connecting all the software part and the machine park. They communicate and execute the dyeing cycles and collect all the production parameters in real time.

They allow working with up to 12 functions in the background, optimizing efficiency for each type of fabric.

They are compatible with most of the machines of the main manufacturers in the market, since they allow the creation of synoptics and functions fully customizable and specific for each type of machine.

Atlantis is designed for easy integration with InfoTint and other third-party MES systems.

A family of controllers designed to obtain maximum performance from the textile machine park, and optimize all manufacturing processes.

Controllers for textile machines automation

Adaptable, open, and flexible
Atlantis is the most adaptable, open, and flexible industrial automation and control system for the textile industry.
Resistant and powerful
Prepared for the most demanding working conditions on the production floor. They are capable of running up to 12 background functions, optimizing efficiency for each type of fabric.
Compatible and parameterizable.
With most of the dyeing machines on the market, such as jets, autoclaves, and jiggers. Thanks to their synoptic and fully customizable functions, they can be adapted to each type of machine.
Simplicity and ease of use
Easy interaction, allowing quick adaptation and immediate use.
EAS controllers are completed with a late generation external modular PLC configuration, which stands out for its simplicity and flexibility.
They are designed to easily integrate with an MES system such as InfoTint or other third-party systems.

Why Atlantis?

Atlantis controllers help you work more efficiently than ever and grow your business.

Plug & Play system quick to install.
Real-time consumption efficiency query screen.
Executes processes and obtains real-time production data.
Easy integration with InfoTint for longer data availability
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    Atlantis controllers incorporate a consumption display that allows you to track in real time the liters of water, kilograms of steam and kilowatt hours among other parameters of the current barcade and compare it with the previous one. A valuable tool that allows you to keep track of the resources consumed by your machines to make your processes more efficient and sustainable.


    PCT-310 & PCT-315

    Maximum power and incredible performance in 10″ and 15″

    The PCT-310 is a high-performance controller with a compact design that is intended to improve efficiency in industrial environments. Its new 10″ display shows the synoptics in high resolution with a more accurate and durable touch system. It is perfect for dyehouse automations due to its high resistance and reliability. Its compact size makes it ideal for panel installation.

    • 10″ and 15 screen
    • Wi-Fi
    • Windows 10 ioT
    • Hard disk SSD 64 Gb
    • Various connection ports
    • 16:9 widescreen touch screen
    • Easy panel installation with the Plug & Play system
    • Customizable synoptics and functions.
    • Compatible with the vast majority of dyeing machines on the market.

    PCT-300 Stand Alone

    The best ally for weaving and finishing.

    The perfect solution for weaving, printing and finishing processes as it allows you to control the entire technical sheet of the article making you forget about paperwork. It is also perfect for certification processes thanks to its versatility to be installed on any support.

    • 8″ vertical touch screen
    • Wi-Fi
    • Windows 10 ioT
    • Hard disk 32 Gb
    • Various connection ports
    • Easy installation on bracket or wall

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    A family of controllers designed to get the most out of textile machines.

    Technical specifications PCT – 310 PCT – 315 PCT-300 Stand Alone
    Screen size 10 in. 15 in. 8 inches
    Touch screen Yes
    Color display Yes
    Operating System Windows 10 iOT
    PLC communication Ethernet
    Hard Disk SSD 64 Gb SSD 64 Gb 32 Gb
    RAM memory 4 Gb 4 Gb 2 Gb
    USB ports 2 2 2
    Serial Ports Optional Optional 1
    Ethernet 2 3 1
    Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
    Built-in UPS Yes
    Type of installation Panel Panel Support
    Consumption 1 A 1 A 0.6 A

    What else Atlantis controllers offer

    Cutting edge technology for textile automation

    Atlantis is integrated in the machines of the main manufacturers. It is connected to an external industrial PLC with CODESYS programming that stands out for its simplicity and flexibility. In addition, all our equipment is equipped with the latest version of Windows 10 IoT.

    Technology 4.0 Automation and control systems using real and accurate data.

    Atlantis communicates and executes the dyeing cycles of the machines and collects the production parameters. It allows working with up to 12 functions in the background, optimizing efficiency for each type of fabric.
    These controllers are designed to integrate easily with MES software such as InfoTint and third-party systems.