Preparation of dyestuffs for industrial dyeing machines

TecnoMix is the EAS color kitchen for the preparation and delivery of dyestuffs for industrial dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers and industrial autoclaves.

Adaptable to any company

TecnoMix is configurable to suit your needs. It consists of one or several preparation tanks built in 316L stainless steel with mirror effect interior finish, which allows a fast and efficient washing. Each tank has a lid that incorporates an automatic opening system that indicates the tank to be used, guaranteeing no errors in the process. Its powerful stirrer ensures that the dye mixture is precise and specific for each type of solution.

A pressure sensor controls the amount of water required for the recipe. Depending on the colorant, TecnoMix controls the tank filling temperature.

TecnoMix offers a barcode work batch order confirmation system allowing direct scanning of printed work orders without the need for manual data insertion.

Once the dissolution is finished, through the pump and flow meter module, TecnoMix sends the preparation to the dyeing machine by means of a monotube system. Subsequently, the tank and line are flushed before starting the next preparation.

Why TecnoMix?

The EAS color kitchen for industrial dyeing machines that will help you work more efficiently than ever and grow your business.

Configurable and expandable in number of tanks.
Precise dissolution according to the parameters of the colorants family and recipe.
Lid with security system
Bar code validation system
Traceability of preparations.

Atlantis PCT-900.

The brain that controls everything

TecnoMix features our Atlantis PCT-900 industrial controller Its 15-inch design offers a large display to control the entire process. It allows connecting a barcode system to confirm preparation orders and receive chemicals from other machines such as TecnoDos.

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    Optimize production time with TexPes weighing module

    With the implementation of TexPes in the dye weighing area, the recipe preparation process is optimized at TecnoMix. A simple and efficient solution for the handling and weighing of dyes that controls the process, connecting the scales, avoiding weighing errors and allowing online annotation of consumption With the bar code reader, it is possible to read the dye to be weighed and even ensure, if desired, that different batches of the same dye are not mixed when weighing recipes. With an automatic tare system, higher productivity is achieved in the industry. Speed and accuracy working together.

    Water-soluble bags. Easy and sustainable dye management

    The use of water-soluble bags allows for the weighing of dyes and their introduction directly into TecnoMix without generating residues or affecting the preparation.