Textile automation

Innovative solutions for the automation of the textile industry.

EAS, technology for the textile industry. Software development, hardware and machinery to automate textile production


Atlantis controllers are the perfect choice for industrial environments looking for high performance on textile machines.

Thanks to their compact design, they can be easily integrated into any machine. Their high-visibility touch screen enhances efficiency and makes its maintenance simple.

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Meet the most innovative color dosing and cooking systems in the market. A productive leap for the textile industry.
TecnoDos is the dosing system for chemicals and liquid auxiliaries for dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers, industrial autoclaves, preparation and finishing machines.
TecnoFill is the chemical product loading and storage system that optimizes the stock and warehouse control process, facilitating the management and control of raw material supply in a simple way.
TecnoMix is the color kitchen for the preparation and delivery of dyestuffs for industrial dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers and industrial autoclaves.
TecnoSal prepares brine and powder solutions in large quantities for dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers and textile autoclaves. It provides liquid and stable solutions for use or storage.
Valves, spare parts, and accessories: find everything you need. At EAS, we know that every part counts. That's why we've put together a wide range of essential spare parts, accessories and consumables that allow you to concentrate on production without worrying about individual parts.
Components for measurement and control selected to give you peace of mind knowing you are getting the best in quality.
Water soluble bags
Water soluble bags for dyeing allow optimizing the weighing of dyes. They allow to introduce the exact amount of dye required by the recipe and drown the bag directly into the preparation tank.
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