ERP Module - TexMant

Simplifies machine maintenance management in textile factories

This module is the ultimate solution to manage your textile machinery maintenance in a highly efficient way. Discover how our comprehensive tool allows you to optimize your operations.

Centralizes the maintenance of textile machines

TexMant offers a wide range of functionalities designed to optimize your operations and ensure efficient maintenance of your facilities.

  • Maintenance Request Prioritization: Our tool allows you to rank maintenance requests according to their priority, ensuring that the most critical tasks are addressed efficiently.
  • Historical Work Order Tracking: Keep a complete record of all work orders, allowing you to constantly evaluate the performance of maintenance tasks over time.
  • Incident and Rework Reports: Generate detailed reports on incidents and rework, giving you a clear view of the processes and costs associated with each task, allowing you to optimize your operations.
  • Real-Time Task Supervision: Our solution allows you to monitor all ongoing maintenance tasks in real time, ensuring that they are executed efficiently and in compliance with established deadlines.
  • Plant Maintenance Planning: Facilitates the strategic planning of maintenance tasks in your plant, leading to an efficient and optimized scheduling of activities.

Save costs and improve production through efficient maintenance.

TexMant is the most complete maintenance management module in the textile industry. A specialized software to organize the maintenance of the machine park in an effective way.

  • Gain more control over your company.
  • Simplify the management of your company.
  • Optimize decision making.
  • Embark on the road to digital transformation of your business.

Accelerate your operations, reduce risk and streamline your tasks to gain a competitive advantage. Discover how to propel your growing business to success by controlling costs and improving efficiency.

What else can TexMant do?

This ERP module is designed to solve all the needs of maintenance management in textile mills, allowing:

Why TexMant?

Among all the features, TexMant stands out for:

Maintenance requests from Atlantis controllers.
Execution and monitoring of work orders by priority.
Creation of work histories and parts inventory control.
Recording of preventive maintenance tasks and periodic quality controls.
Detailed statistics and reports on maintenance work that allow you to review the cost of each machine.
It integrates with the machine fleet by indicating faults online, and reorders delivery times according to the machine repair time.
Parts inventory under control

TexMant allows you to keep an exhaustive inventory control of all parts and materials needed for preventive, corrective or predictive maintenance tasks.

With this module you also get a detailed evaluation of all maintenance tasks, allowing you to make informed decisions and effectively plan plant works. Incident and rework indicators help you to optimize your maintenance processes, saving time and resources.