Software for textile manufacturing

Optimize your production with the best management software specialized in the textile sector.

We develop specific management programs according to textile plant needs. A modular system, compatible with most machines and products in the market, to obtain the highest performance of the textile plant.

Why should textile industry go digital?

In the textile industry, data collection and analysis is key, optimizing processes and productivity through ERP systems. These systems cover production, logistics, inventory, sales and more, ensuring efficiency in all areas.

Unification and traceability of all processes in the same software.

The unification and traceability of processes in a centralized system is key to improving business efficiency. By consolidating all operations on a single platform, management is optimized and complexity is reduced. This not only increases productivity, but also enables accurate tracking of each step, improving decision making. With our unification and traceability solution, your company will experience greater cohesion, control and visibility of your processes. Discover how our platform can transform your organization and enhance your success in today’s marketplace.

Resource planning in textile factories

Resource planning in the textile industry is essential to optimize efficiency and profitability. With the increasing demand for textile products, it is crucial to intelligently manage available resources. This includes the management of raw materials, labor, machinery and time. Effective planning ensures smooth production, minimizes costs and reduces lead times. In addition, the implementation of advanced technologies, such as supply chain management software, can further improve resource planning. In a competitive market, strategic planning in the textile industry is the key to sustainable success.

Process automation between areas of the textile company.

Business process automation improves efficiency and productivity by optimizing communication and collaboration between areas of a company. This strategy streamlines workflows, reduces errors and accelerates decision making. Automating processes between departments such as sales, marketing, finance and logistics enables better coordination, increases transparency and reduces operating costs. Automation software solutions, such as ERP and MES, are essential tools in this process. By implementing process automation, companies can stay competitive in an ever-changing market and achieve sustainable growth.

Access to data and creation of structured information.

Obtaining accurate data and then organizing it into structured formats enables informed decisions and optimized business processes. Whether in the field of data analytics, database management or strategic decision making, fast and reliable access to information is crucial. This capability not only drives operational efficiency, but also enhances competitiveness. Make sure you invest in the right tools and strategies to maximize the value of your data and structured information.

Possibility of sharing information among all components of the organization.

The ability to share information across the organization promotes a collaborative work environment. It facilitates fluid communication between teams and departments, improving decision making and operational efficiency. Teamwork is strengthened by breaking down information silos, which drives innovation and joint problem solving. This practice also reduces duplication and errors, saving time and resources. In short, internal collaboration boosts organizational performance, strengthens corporate culture and improves competitiveness.

Learn about EAS software solutions

ERP software for textile company management

Designed exclusively for the textile industry, integrates all plant sectors easily. has numerous tools that cover all processes
from raw materials reception to product shipment.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software for manufacturing textile mills management.

Designed to optimize processes and to increase your company’s efficiency.
InfoTint guarantees complete traceability of the production process thanks to its seamless integration with ERP systems and automated weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing machines.

Module for laboratory development management and quality control management.

Strategic software to integrate laboratory recipes with production, avoiding recipe standardization problems, as well as integrating production quality control based on color development in the laboratory.

Maintenance management module for the total integration of the textile production plant.

Maintenance management software integrated with MES and ERP. With this module, all departments are involved in maintenance, resulting in agility and quality in information, with cost control and consequent increase in production.


TexDrive module used for margin analysis and automatic bid generation.

TexOffer provides all cost information and process results in just a few clicks. As this software is also integrated with our MES and ERP systems, it is possible to have an overview of the results of the entire process and manage customers quotes easily.