Water-soluble Bags

Water-soluble bags for dyeing optimize the weighing of dyes workflow.

They allow to introduce the exact amount of dye required by the recipe, introducing the bag directly into the preparation tank.

This will dissolve without leaving residues and without affecting the composition. The water-soluble bags are the perfect complement for the weighing of chemicals, facilitating the storage system of heavy dyes, allowing the preparation of future dyes. In addition, it improves the ergonomics at work, avoiding the operator the long exposure to chemicals. We have several sizes in stock and also special orders.


Estándar size in mm Weight gr Load proof kg
200 x 300 3.75 1
300 x 400 7.60 3
400 x 500 12.50 5
500 x 600 18.75 8

These bags are made of highly water-soluble and biodegradable material that is very useful in the color dissolution process during dyeing cycles. Its high solubility in cold and hot water optimizes and facilitates the handling of the dyes.

When the bag is dissolved with the dye already introduced in the water, it prevents color particles from remaining suspended in the air, thus eliminating contamination in the environment or premises.

The possibility of taking the colorant directly to the machine drum, allows to eliminate the preparation step in the color kitchen with the consequent saving of time and water of preparation and washing.

These bags are ecological, non-toxic and biodegradable. They do not clog machine filters and are compatible with fabrics and dyes.

The use of water-soluble bags helps, to a great extent, in the elimination of contaminated waste since when you are dissolving the product to be used, you are eliminating the container.

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