Textile Software

Software for laboratory recipe management, quality control and color development in textile manufacturing.

We optimize textile production by integrating recipes from the lab, quality control and color development. Our strategy reduces errors and helps you save on implementation costs.

TexLab integration with quality and R&D laboratory

TexLab is the essential InfoTint module for the integration and implementation of recipes from the laboratory, quality control and color development ensuring production aligned with development specifications.

  • Gain more control over production.
  • Simplify process management.
  • Optimize decision making.
  • Embark on the road to digital transformation of your business.

Ensure quality, eliminate errors, and simplify tasks. You can reduce costs and gain competitiveness. Give your growing company a new impetus for success.

Why TexLab?

TexLab is a management software designed to speed up production times while reducing human error.

Allows automatic start-up of the laboratory recipe.
Ensures that production meets development specifications.
Control of orders by production priority according to their demand or importance.
Real-time order status overview.
Automatic calculation technology, including "smart recipe" that relies on trichromy, article and other variables to calculate the entire recipe.
Accurate color registration through integration with other systems such as pipetting robots and spectrophotometers.
What else can TexLab do in the textile factory?
It ensures accurate and efficient production, fully aligned with your laboratory specifications. Our solution not only significantly reduces errors, but also optimizes costs and development implementation time
  • Automatic request of development orders from PCP
  • Integration of the laboratory recipe with the production recipe
  • Integration with TexOffer module for cost control, price formation and quotation generation
  • Order control by priority
  • Possibility to indicate the appropriate recipe according to rules (intelligent recipe)
  • Integration with spectrophotometer for reading of color properties
  • Order status control
  • Automatic recording of color code and intensity