Innovation in dosing for dyeing and finishing machines

Precise dosing system for dyeing and finishing machines

TecnoDos is the dosing system for chemicals and liquid auxiliaries for dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers, industrial autoclaves, preparation and finishing machines.

The intelligent textile dosing system

TecnoDos delivers the chemicals and liquid auxiliaries through its trilobular pump to a flow meter that meters the exact amount of product required by the recipe.

A monotube system is used to channel the products to the various tanks of the dyeing machines.

Once the dosing has been completed, it automatically manages an automatic line flushing and is ready for a new dosing. Thanks to its high-quality manifold, TecnoDos supports a wide range of chemicals.

Why TecnoDos?

TecnoDos, the dosing system that will help you work more efficiently than ever before and grow your business.

Accuracy in the shipment of products.
Labor optimization.
Control product inventory in real time.
Open communication system.
A precise modular system for every type of production
TecnoDos has complementary modules designed to create specific dosages to suit the most complex production processes for textile dyeing and finishing.
Dry cleaning modules
Micro dosing
Dosages in small quantities
Dosages between 5c.c. to 200c.c. (+/- 2c.c.) through a peristaltic pump managed by the Atlantis PCT-900 controller.
Mono product
For large quantities and special products
Mechanically separates the product flow. A perfect solution for products that cannot be mixed or dosed in large quantities.
Smart dispenser
The intelligent dosing system
Prioritize the dosages intelligently, by choosing the dosing machine that is available or closest to the dyeing machine, optimizing the process. Don’t stop your production in case of maintenance. Let TecnoDos to take over all the work.
Modules for textile finishing
Compound System
Continuous product preparation in a loop
Designed for those processes that have few recipes that are repeated in a high percentage. It allows to connect a recipe in continuous preparation always available.
Batch System
Accuracy for a group of batches
InfoTint calculates the exact amount of all recipe components from the process parameters. It can be combined with different control accessories such as a dedicated flush line, safety valves, level sensors, among others.
Pad-batch 4:1 - Dosages for machines with foulard.

TecnoDos allows to automate Pad-Batch dosing system. This system allows the precise control of the 4:1 dosage in foulards. With this automation you will be able to manage the dosing of dyes, colourants and alcali, allowing to obtain the real pick-up of the article from the control of the level and speed of the fabric.

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    A system that integrates with the textile plant

    TecnoDos features our industrial controller Atlantis PCT-900. Its 15-inch design offers a large screen that allows you to control the entire process and connect other machines such as TecnoFill or TecnoMix. In addition, it integrates with our ERP Software TexDrive for and InfoTint with which you can control the entire textile production.