ERP for textile companies

Optimize your operations to improve productivity in your textile factory

ERP software for textile company management

TexDrive is the ultimate textile management solution, designed to provide complete control over your plant operations.

We offer comprehensive integration of the entire production cycle, spanning from order generation to the final stage of finished products, encompassing all intermediate processes, including the creation of routing sheets. Integrates the entire production cycle: from the production order, through all intermediate processes including routing, to the finished product.


TexDrive is the ideal ERP software for textile company management.

Easy to integrate, designed exclusively for the textile industry to bring together all areas of the company. Obtain traceability and centralize all the information of the textile plant under the same environment.

  • Gain more control over your company
  • Simplify the management of your company
  • Optimize decision making
  • Embark on the road to digital transformation of your business.

Gain efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce tasks… you can reduce costs and gain competitiveness Give your growing company a new impetus for success.

Maintenance management module for total plant integration.
TexDrive module used for margin analysis and automatic bid generation.

Modules ERP

TexDrive offers an intuitive and customizable interface that facilitates integration with ERP and other software solutions. This ensures seamless synergy between TexDrive and your existing tools to optimize operational efficiency and strategic decision making in the textile industry.

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Why TexDrive?

TexDrive is a business management solution designed specifically for the textile industry. With advanced features such as real-time inventory tracking, customized order management and accurate data analysis, TexDrive gives you the tools you need to optimize your operations. In addition, its ability to integrate with existing systems and its scalability ensure that your company can adapt and grow effectively in an ever-changing marketplace.

Control of reception of customer orders and raw materials.
Tailor-made planning with detailed cost control follow-up.
Scheduling of production orders by routing
Reorganize your planning with a single click thanks to the visual planner.
Management of reports, lists, labels from the same customized environment for each client.

What else TexDrive can do for your business

TexDrive is a management program designed to solve all the needs of the textile industry, allowing to: