Brine and powdered products preparation and dissolution for textile dyeing

TecnoSal prepares brine and powder solutions in large quantities for dyeing machines such as jets, jiggers and textile autoclaves. It provides liquid and stable solutions for use or storage.

Automates salt management in the textile plant

TecnoSal consists of a complete structure with an integrated crane at the top for easy loading of big bags.

The lower part of the structure has a hopper of up to 200 liters equipped with a conveying system that takes the salt to the dissolution tank, eliminating salt handling and facilitating ergonomics in the workplace.

Next to the main structure there is the control panel and the dissolving tank for the
1000 liters capacity The salt coming from the hopper is weighed by its load cells incorporated in the tank.

Thanks to its powerful agitator, we get high-quality brine and powder preparations that can be stored for weeks with no extra agitation needed, since there is no precipitation.

Dissolutions always ready

Once the brine level in the storage tank is depleted, TecnoSal automatically triggers the preparation of a new solution. This filling process ensures that there is always enough brine available for production processes, which significantly reduces downtime and increases work efficiency.

Why TecnoSal?

TecnoSal, the brine preparation system for textile dyeing machines that will help you work more efficiently than ever and grow your business.

Time savings in the preparation process
Stable solutions with the precise amount of salt and long shelf life.
Improvement in the quality of brine processes.
Increased plant safety and operator ergonomics.
Longer service life in dyeing machine equipment, such as mechanical seals of the introduction pumps.
Greater cleanliness in the environment, avoiding salt dispersion and corrosion of parts that are not stainless steel.
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    Atlantis PCT-900

    TecnoSal’s operations center

    TecnoSal has our industrial controller Atlantis PCT-900. Its 15-inch design offers a large display to control the entire process.