Weaving and knitting

Automation solutions for weaving and knitting mills.

This is now a reality. The powerful combination of TexDrive, InfoTint and our Atlantis PCT-300 Stand Alone equipment enables a total control of production from start to finish, regardless of the type of fabric.

Tecnología innovadora para los procesos de tintura y acabados textiles

Solución desarrolladas por EAS para la gestión integral y automatizada de los procesos de tintura y acabados textiles, ambos procesos importantes para obtener tejidos de alta calidad

Atlantis PCT-300 Stand Alone

Designed for weaving and knitting machine automation.

This controller has been designed for weaving mill control. Its vertical format allows to display all the details from the data sheet on screen, showing relevant data such as speed, number of pieces and manufacturing width among other parameters.

TexDrive & InfoTint. Production control for weaving and knitting mills

Plan efficiently the production of the different looms as soon as the work order is generated, recording all the activity in real time. Control raw materials warehouse and to locate all the woven pieces in the production line.

What else can EAS automation systems do for your weaving and knitting processes?