Dyeing and Finishing

Solutions for dyeing and textile finishing process automation.

We have created a combination of our solutions to automate a textile dyeing and finishing sections. No matter the types of dyeing or company; all our solutions are adaptable and customizable. Join Industry 4.0

Innovative technology for textile dyeing and finishing processes.

Solution developed by EAS to automate and integrate management of textile dyeing and finishing processes to obtain high quality fabrics.


Take total control of the textile plant.

This software has been designed to integrate manufacturing and administration management in a single point. With TexDrive ERP you will control the entire routing and with InfoTint MES you will manage the entire manufacturing process.

Automations with state-of-the-art controllers

Atlantis PCT-310 and PCT-900 controllers are powerful and robust for intensive use in textile dyeing and finishing machines. We adapt the controller synoptic to each type of machine, such as jets, jiggers, textile autoclaves of the main manufacturers in the market.

Safe loading and storage of chemicals

TecnoFill is the chemical loading and management system for the textile industry. This system manages the loading of chemicals and auxiliary products and creates an on-line inventory.

High-precision dosing system

TecnoDos is in charge of distributing the different products to the machines automatically. A precise dosing system that helps to reduce the consumption of raw materials while remaining faithful to the process recipe.

Creating spectacular indigo dyes

TecnoMix prepares dye mixture following the recipe precisely and sending the dilutions to storage tanks or to each denim dyeing machine.

Preparation of brine and powdered products

TecnoSal prepares brine solutions and powder products in large quantities for dyeing machines, obtaining stable solutions.