Power and intelligence combined in one controller

Atlantis is the most adaptable, open and flexible controller in the market. An automation concept that unites the intelligence of its software with the power of its hardware, creating a controller capable to automate any type of machine such as autoclaves, jets, stenters, trains, among others.

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The most complete automation on the market

This textile production control system consists of cutting-edge hardware manufactured to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. Its software is customisable, based on a SCADA system, adapting its interface to each type of machine. A family of controllers capable of managing and optimising manufacturing processes by lots and machines in parallel. An automation 4.0 offering a standard solution to obtain the highest performance with reduced consumption.

All EAS controllers highlight their simplicity and easy usage. Their interface shows online monitoring in detail collecting real time data from the machine. The touchscreen facilitates the interaction with the operator; who can switch form manual to automatic mode with a simple touch.

They are very easy to clean and maintain. With a simple cotton cloth and 70% Isopropyl alcohol, the panel will be properly cleaned and disinfected for operator’s safety.

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Greatness at small size

The PCT-300 is a powerful controller at a very competitive price. It is ideal for dyeing automations due to its high resistance. Thanks to its size it is easy to install in panel and with its Wi-Fi connection the communication can be made without wires.

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  • Horizontal format

  • 8" touch screen

  • Windows 10 IoT

  • Wi-Fi

  • 32 GB static disk

  • 2 GB RAM

  • Framework with connections

  • Easy panel installation

  • Dual USB

  • Built-in battery

PCT-300 Stand Alone

Versatility in vertical

The best ally for weaving, finishing and production control. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed anywhere. Its vertical screen allows to see the data of the technical sheet and a total control for this type of process.

  • Vertical format

  • 8" touch screen

  • Windows 10 IoT

  • Wi-Fi

  • 32 GB static disk

  • 2 GB RAM

  • Additional framework with connections

  • Installation on any support

  • Dual USB

  • Battery

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Control and power in a big way

A controller with industrial design and electronics, UPS with integrated communication, and a lightweight, rugged aluminum chassis. Its 15" screen makes it ideal for dyeing and finishing processes.

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  • Industrial Format

  • 15" touch screen

  • Windows 10 IoT

  • Ethernet connection

  • 32 GB static disk

  • 4 GB RAM

  • Framework with USB and Ethernet connections

  • Easy panel installation

Less time, more efficiency

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Atlantis has a very important tool in saving process time: the background functions.
It is possible to configure up to 12 compatible functions working simultaneously, optimising efficiency specifically for each type of fabric. The result is increased profitability and decreased production time.

Our controllers connected to InfoTint allow to monitor these statistics, perform an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) control, establish the production planning among many other functions.

Know how InfoTint works

IoT connected to a last generation PLC:
the perfect combination.

Logo Windows 10 IoT

Our devices incorporate Windows 10 IoT with the latest software version installed. This version is the most advanced for data analysis and system interconnection in a quick and easy way. In addition, this operating system also provides an advanced level of security in the device, ideal for industrial processes.

Logo Codesys

Atlantis is completed with an external modular configuration PLC of last generation with CODESYS programming that stands out for its simplicity and flexibility.

This allows the easy access to the PLC and the ability to integrate in it in a great number of machines that include different processes in the textile plant.

And much more...

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The "EAS Plug & Play" system allows to replace a controller in a matter of minutes. You can have replacement controllers without stopping production or losing productivity.

In addition, it is able to adapt to communicate with third-party machines such as scales or dyestuff stores among others. Its level of integration reaches such a point that it can receive data from external equipment such as colorimetry, humidity sensors, temperature, weft straighteners and more. And of course, also offers integration of third-party management systems.

Support and experience at your service

We have put our experience of more than 25 years in the sector to design a durable and high-performance product. In addition, with our remote technical service you will be able to enjoy remote assistance from the machine itself and we offer you our fast repair service.

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