Controllers for textile machinery automations

EAS: Controllers for textile machinery automations

Atlantis is the most adaptable, open, and flexible automation control system for textile industry. It features a rugged hardware with a powerful parametrizable SCADA software. These controllers can be installed in any type of machine such as jiggers, jets, stenters and washing trains of the main manufacturers in the market.

Controlador Atlantis PCT-310

The most complete industrial automation in the market

Atlantis is designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. Their parametrizable SCADA software adapts to each machine and manufacturer.

A family of controllers designed to get the most out of textile machine and optimize the different manufacturing processes with the highest performance with the lowest consumption.

Meet Atlantis Family

Controlador Atlantis PCT-310

Powerful performance in 10”

The PCT-310 is a powerful controller with compact design to increase performance in industrial environments. It features a new HD touch screen display that will make work to flow. Ideal for dyehouses automations with high resistance in tough environments and easy to install in panel.

Atlantis PCT-310 incorporates Wi-Fi connection to communicate wirelessly.

PCT-300 Stand Alone
The best ally for waving and finishing processes

This controller is versatile and can be installed in any space. This device becomes as a terminal for weaving and textile finishing processes allowing production control by visualizing the technical datasheet of each article.

Controlador Atlantis PCT-300
Controlador Atlantis PCT-900

The ultimate industrial controller

Features a 15” touchscreen display, industrial electronics and UPS with communication integrated. Manufactured with a light and resistant aluminum chassis. Ideal to install in panels for dyehouses and finishing machinery, withstands tough environments.

Cutting-edge technology for textile automations

Logo Codesys

Atlantis integrates on machinery of the main manufacturers on the market by connecting it to an external PLC with CODESYS programming, standing out for its simplicity and flexibility. All controllers are full equipped with the latest version of Windows 10 iOT.

  • Real time information
  • MES integration
  • Solid data transfer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Continuous software updates

4.0 Technology

Automation and control systems using real data

EAS: 4.0 Technology

Our controllers communicate and execute machine dyeing cycles and collect production data. They can execute up to 12 background functions, optimizing efficiency for each type of fabric.

Atlantis controllers are designed to get integrated easily with MES software such as InfoTint or third-party.

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Reliable guarantee

We’ve put more than 30 years’ experience in textile industry to design high performance and durable products. Our remote support service allows you to receive assistance directly from the machine.

EAS: Your improvement, our challenge
EAS: Controladores para la automatización de máquinas textiles industriales
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