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The dyeing sector offers multiple paths. At EAS we have created a combination of our products to achieve a single destination: total control of the dyehouse through 4.0 technology. Regardless of whether your dyeing is continuous, discontinuous or your business is vertical, at EAS you will always find a solution.

InfoTint and TexDrive,
where it all begins

InfoTint is the hard core of our software connecting to the laboratory, the production floor, our TexDrive ERP or any other ERP available on the market. The system provides a complete planning, ensuring cost control, stock, history and all kinds of customisable listings. Also offers the possibility of managing quality control within the same software.

TexDrive is the only ERP in the textile sector that connects directly to the plant, and also manages the complete roadmap for the dyeing and finishing industry. With TexDrive you can control everything from fabric preparation to shipping, including the diverse finishing and dyeing processes.

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TexDrive includes a user-friendly scheduler. With one click you can drag and drop the different sections to optimize the workflow and priority of your work. An easy and intuitive tool allowing you to create different scenarios to suit your production needs instantly. Moreover, our software can be connected to monitor third party drivers.

The evolving planning

TexDrive includes a user-friendly scheduler. With one click you can drag and drop the different sections to optimize the workflow and priority of your work. An easy and intuitive tool allowing you to create different scenarios to suit your production needs instantly. Moreover, our software can be connected to monitor third party drivers.

Total control comes with Atlantis

The Atlantis PCT-300 and PCT-900 controllers will be your allies in the dyeing and finishing machines. Powerful and robust for intensive use, they are connected to a state-of-the-art external PLC. This configuration has allowed us to develop our "Plug & Play" system that allows their change or replacement quickly.

Gama de controladores Atlantis PCT-300 y 900 para automatizaciones textiles.

Thanks to its 8" size, the Atlantis PCT-300 Stand Alone is ideal to use at the control points of your production processes and transmit them to InfoTint. With our Atlantis PCT-300 range you can connect the whole plant without cables.

All the information is integrated into TexDrive and InfoTint for total process traceability, without the need for registration papers.

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EAS dosing machines: solutions in the right measure

EAS dosing machines have been designed to provide the fastest response to dosing in different production processes adapted to the requirements of each company. Thanks to the modular system, they can be adapted at any time to the growth of your company, ensuring a high ROI by optimizing processes using the entire product and managing efficient delivery to production machines. A result that impacts on product quality by reducing the number of reoperations, with absolute traceability.

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TecnoDos applied to staining and finishes

To make TecnoDos a versatile machine we have designed complementary modules with specific solutions for dyeing processes such as microdosing or single product and for finishes such as batch and compound mode.

TecnoDos for dyeing

There are situations in which the production of dye requires dosing in small quantities or that the products are not mixed. For this purpose we have designed specific modules for TecnoDos, which, in combination with InfoTint, allow these micro-dosages or the separation of products to be carried out.

Micro-dosage is designed for small format dosages, from 5 to 200 cc. Through a peristaltic pump, our Atlantis PCT-900 controller included in TecnoDos and the ingenuity of our developers, we are able to dose in small quantities through the machine itself. Precise dosing is ideal for those dyeing processes that require a high level of precision and small quantities of chemical products.

Mono-product uses PLC technology and our developments. We are able to mechanically separate the product flow with an optimal result in large scale dosing or with special products in a safe and precise way. It is used for products that are sent in large quantities, or dosages of chemicals such as Sulphur Black whose composition prevents it from being mixed with other products.

Find out how TecnoDos adapts to the dyeing line.

TecnoDos for finishing

For this process we have designed specific solutions to be applied in the textile finishing line.

With the Compound preparation mode, TecnoDos starts a new automatic preparation when it detects a low level of preparation stored in the tanks, making the shipment of products and the amount of water needed to complete the recipe. A specific solution for processes with few recipes that guarantees continuous preparation when activating a recipe in a loop.

The Batch preparation mode is for processes with a great diversity of recipes and finishes. InfoTint calculates the exact amount of recipe needed, taking into account the parameters of the "pick-up" item, the batch such as meters or kilos and the process such as the bath residue in the foulard. Based on these data, TecnoDos prepares the exact recipe quantity for each batch, sending chemicals and water for levelling.

For those plants that have 2 or more dosing machines, we have designed the Smart Dispensing, which is in charge of optimizing several TecnoDos obtaining the best performance in the plant by establishing some previous parameters.

Many companies already use a combination of solutions for their processes. The objectives are clear: quality, speed, productivity and cost control. A 4.0 automation for the total control of chemical and auxiliary dosages under control.

See how TecnoDos works on a finishing line.


Volumetric dosing of auxiliaries and chemicals for textile dyeing.

TecnoDos is the solution designed by EAS for the correct dosage of the most used chemicals and liquid auxiliaries in dyeing. The products are aspirated by the three way pump and transported through a flow meter that counts and records the quantity of product served to ensure the exact delivery of the quantity required by the recipe.

Chemicals and auxiliaries are sent through a manifold formed by a high precision 3-way valve assembly that has great resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Once the product transfer is finished, the line is automatically washed and can be adapted to each type of product, so that the path is free and totally clean for a new dosage.

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Preparation, dissolution and automatic dispensing of dyes for textile dyeing plants.

TecnoMix is the solution designed by EAS for a perfect dissolution and delivery of dyes used in dyeing. The system is composed of a pump module and a meter counter connected to one or more automated preparation tanks with valves and various technological accessories that ensure the perfect automated preparation process. These tanks are built in top quality stainless steel, with practically no elements inside and with a mirror-polished interior finish, designed to make washing after use quick and easy.

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Large-scale preparation for salt and powder.

TecnoSal is the solution designed by EAS for the preparation of salt and powder products dissolutions, on a large scale.

Enables a preparation of a dissolution in a liquid and stable form to be sent to a machine, or to be stored for later use.

It comprises a structure, with the loading module at the top and the solid product dosing part at the bottom, and a solution tank with weight control.

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EAS: TecnoSal


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Perfect loading and management for chemicals and auxiliaries.

TecnoFill is the complete solution designed by EAS to optimize the loading, management and storage of chemicals and liquid auxiliaries.

This solution provides easy and convenient loading and storage of various chemicals coming through the supplier. Its loading lance is connected to a membrane pump that suctions up all the product and transports it to the storage tanks equipped with probes that allow the analogical level of the product to be checked, generating an on-line inventory. Once the loading is done, TecnoFill manages a washing of the loading lance leaving it ready for a new product loading.

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