Comparative table of software modules 

Product warehouse InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Product batch management      
Alternative products      
Product suppliers      
Study management      
Quality certifications      
Warehouse valuation      
Consumption forecast (batches and collections)      
Consumption forecast (PO)      
Order management and purchase orders      
Item store InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Management data sheet      
Warehouse management (thread, pieces, etc.)      
Management of customers warehouse      
Design management      
Warehouse valuation      
Consumption forecast      
Order management and purchase orders      
Batch management InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Gant diagram      
Diagram with route (Forecast delivery date)     TexPlani
Automatic creation sale price      
Production Order InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Commercial provisions      
Smart roadmap     Smart recipe
External partners      
Incident management (internal, supplier, client)      
Block management      
Sending emails      
Comunication to central system     TexHost
Management of recipes InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Smart Recipe      Smart recipe
Recipes (salt, acids, etc.)      
Components (variables with formula)      
Massive changes in all recipes      
Maintenance management InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Preventive maintenance of machines     TexMant
Corrective maintenance of machines     TexMant
Automation InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Monitoring of any tipe of machine     TexMonitor
Dosing machines integration     TexDosif
Controlled weighing     TexPes
Dyeing machines connection     TexCom
Finishing machines connection     TexCom
Weaving machines connection     TexCom
PLC program      
Control sheet     TexView
Design of synoptics      
Delayed batch      
Batch about to end      
Distributed controller     Atlantis
Costs InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Collection management      
Definition of supplies      
Laboratory module InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Work orders     TexLab
Colour creation     TexLab
Dyeing groups     TexLab
Pipetting machine connection     TexLab
Spectrofotometer connection     TexLab
Other InfoTint TexDrive Optional
Printout generator      
Parametrizable security      

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