EAS Software Modules

EAS software modules are designed to complement our InfoTint management software with additional features. We have a wide range of software developments that will help you with maintenance, weighing, planning or control of machinery or laboratory. In addition, with our intelligent recipe module you will be able to optimize your production by calculating the entire recipe from the tricycle. Click on our modules to know their functions:


This module displays a visual interface showing all the information collected by the controllers of the machines in real time. The screen shows details such as alarms, machine downtime, name of the operator assigned to the machine and details on the production being carried out on each machine as the detail of the batch among other relevant data. Through this module, you can access the synoptic of each machine, getting the control of all your machines in a single screen.

Smart Recipe

This InfoTint module takes the recipe to the next level. You can create the complete recipe from the trichrome data and the batch properties. An automated process that will avoid inaccuracies, fully optimizing the whole recipe process.


Module to control the manual weighing of colorants and auxiliaries. TexPes manages to connect most scales on the market that have RS-232 connection. Provides multiple options for weighing configuration. A powerful solution for an optimal control of weighing.


This is the module developed by EAS for the management of R & D and creation of new recipes in the laboratory. From the trichrome, the complete recipe is obtained with all the chemical components, auxiliaries and salt. This module centralizes the different areas of the laboratory to facilitate the development engineering in one single system. In addition TexLab assist you in launching the developments, by optimizing the recipe for large-scale production.


Module created for information analysis and creation of KPI's, OEE, efficiency studies and other indicators. In this screen you will be able to know all the efficiencies from the machines and to have a real picture of production performance.


Module for the integrated management of maintenance for the machine park. This software allows the programming of different tasks of preventive, corrective maintenance or incident management. This module also allows to control the management of the parts and spare parts warehouse to control the stock.


Module with the communication driver for the control and management of the dosing machines for chemical and auxiliary products.


This module enables a web portal for customers who can connect with their credentials to check the status of their commands, manufacturing orders and stock. A very useful tool that your end customers will appreciate.


This module allows transferring the planning from other systems such as ERP's or databases, managing the transmission of production data and consumption to the central system. Allows greater automation in an integrated manner with other systems since despite working with different programs, all information will be collected in InfoTint and TexDrive.


This module allows finite planning with automatic proposals that will optimize the production flow of the textile plant. It is ideal for planning at a glance as well as reorganizing the production of your machine park with a simple click, visually on a timeline. All the control of your production in a single screen and at your fingertips.


Module with communication driver for the control and management of the different machines of dyeing, weaving and finishing. We manage to connect most of the manufacturers of machinery for the textile industry.

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