4.0 volume-based dosing for liquid chemicals and auxiliaries for the textile industry

TecnoDos is the solution designed by EAS for the correct dosage of the most commonly used chemicals and liquid auxiliaries in dyeing.

TecnoDos aspirates the products through its tri-lobe pump and conduct them through a flow meter counting and recording the quantity of product served and ensuring the precise delivery of the quantity required by the recipe.

EAS: TecnoDos

The chemicals and auxiliaries are delivered through a manifold formed by a set of high precision three way valves, which are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Once the product transfer is finished, the line executes a self washing pipe to get ready for a new dosage.

PCT-900 TecnoDos

Ready to work easily and flexibly

TecnoDos dosing system does not require any specific installation for the storage of chemical and auxiliary products. Its flexibility permits the usage of storage areas or existing tanks to place level probes to control, at all times, the availability of the product.

You can decide the quantity of the products to be distributed through the TecnoDos manifold or to add modules in case your production grows. The inlets of the manifold can be adapted to almost any kind of chemical products. Thanks to its PVC and stainless-steel construction a wide range of products are covered. Other we use other materials such as PVDF or Total Inox, for the most challenging products.

Gráfico InfoTint

A 4.0 technology combination

Thanks to our own software InfoTint and TexDrive, you can get an automation 4.0. This integration allows you to carry out process optimisation, product savings, high quality impact improvements, labor savings, perfect reproducibility, traceability and correct distribution of chemicals to any production machine. A perfect tool for employees and dyers that simplifies production management.

Pantalla infotint

A dosing machine capable to be adapted to special productions


Ideal for those processes requiring dosages in small quantities. Microdosing allow to administer through TecnoDos quantities from 5c.c to 200 cc (+/- 2c.c). This optional feature can be included at any time to the TecnoDos by including a peristaltic pump managed and programmed by Atlantis PCT-900.

Single product

Ideal for those products that cannot be mixed due to their chemical composition or to be sent in large quantities. The monoproduct uses all PLC technology and the programs incorporated to TecnoDos to allow the mechanical separation of the product flow. A solution for products such as Sulphur Black which by his chemical composition cannot be mixed.

Smart Dispenser

This module combines 2 or more TecnoDos, which, connected to our management software InfoTint, will intelligently choose the dosing machine that is most available at the time and prioritise the dosing point according to pre-established parameters. Additionally, if one of the TecnoDos is under maintenance, the other assumes the dosage while maintaining the quality of the process.

Easy maintenance, long life

We use strong and durable materials such as stainless steel and top-quality parts with readily available spare parts to make any repair as fast and economical as possible. We have put our experience of more than 25 years in the industry to design a durable and high-performance product. Also, with our remote technical service you can enjoy remote assistance from the machine itself.

Adaptable to recipes, whether extensive or not

Compound mode

There are cases where a specific process has few recipes that are repeated in a large percentage of production. TecnoDos offers the possibility to activate a continuous loop preparation.

We have designed an automated system as TecnoDos accessory to connect a single recipe always available in the same preparation tank. The product will always be available since the tank is automatically refilled when it reaches its minimum level, ensuring the product stock.

Batch mode

From the characteristics of the article such as the pick-up, meters or kilos and physical characteristics such as the amount of bath in the foulard; the system is able to calculate the exact amount of chemicals in the recipe and the water to send. It can be combined with different control accessories for a unique make-up line, safety valve, level sensors, and more.

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Portada datasheet TecnoDos

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