Safe loading and storage for chemicals and liquid auxiliaries

TecnoFill is the complete solution designed by EAS to optimize the loading, management and storage of chemicals and liquid auxiliaries.

TecnoFill performs the loading and storage of the different chemical products arriving through the supplier in a comfortable and simple way. Its loading lance is connected to a membrane pump that suctions all the product to the storage tank equipped with level sensors. This way you can verify the analogical level of the product and generate an on-line inventory. Once the loading is done, TecnoFill executes a lance washing to get ready for a new product filling.

EAS: TecnoFill

A 4.0 storage system

Thanks to its integration with InfoTint, the Atlantis PCT-300 controller and a built-in barcode reader, TecnoFill is able to quickly and easily identify and classify product by offering an online inventory with accurate real-time stock control, safety in loading and handling of chemicals, and protection from handling harmful materials. The best solution for the correct manipulation of chemicals and liquid auxiliaries.



Easy maintenance, long life

We use strong and durable materials such as stainless steel and top-quality parts with readily available spare parts to make your repair as fast and economical as possible. We have put our experience of more than 25 years in the industry to design a durable and high-performance product. In addition, with our remote technical service you can enjoy remote assistance from the machine itself.

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