Automatic dissolution and colorant dispensing for textile dyeing factories

TecnoMix is the solution designed by EAS for a perfect dissolution and dispatch of colorants used in dyeing.

TecnoMix is composed of a pump module and a batch controller connected to one or more automated preparation tanks with valves and various technological accessories that ensure the perfect automated preparation process. These tanks are built in top quality stainless steel, with practically no elements inside and with a mirror-polished interior finish, designed to ensure an easy and quick washing after use.

Thanks to the integration with InfoTint, the Atlantis PCT-900 controller performs the desired dissolution according to the specifications of each dye. The control system selects the right temperature and speed for each type of dye family, ensuring accurate dissolution. The automatic opening and closing lid allow a higher security when handling the machine with the option to confirm the reading of the barcode of the heavy dye bag, before opening the lid.

EAS: TecnoMix
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In the dissolution process there is also the option of receiving chemical products from the TecnoDos in case it is necessary to add a liquid product for the dissolution of a certain dye.

Once the preparation is done, TecnoMix will automatically supply the prepared dye to the corresponding machine. At the end of the transfer, the system will perform a tank and line washing, leaving the system ready for the next preparation and/or delivery.

Configurable and adaptable to any production volume

TecnoMix is a modular system designed to be easily adapted to production needs. The machine can be configured by choosing the number of tanks, or a certain tank can be configured to make the dissolution of a specific dye with special needs. Together with the configurable software parameters, it is ideal for use in continuous and discontinuous processes.

A combination of technology 4.0

Thanks to our own software InfoTint and TexDrive, the automation 4.0 is possible. This integration allows you to carry out process optimization, product savings, repeatability, traceability, labor savings, greater organization and cleanliness, and correct dissolution of dyes. A perfect tool for employees and dyers that facilitates production management.

Easy maintenance, long life

We use strong and durable materials such as stainless steel and top-quality parts with spare parts that are easy to find on the market to make your repair as fast and economical as possible. We have put our experience of over 25 years in the industry to design a durable and high-performance product. In addition, with our remote technical service you can enjoy remote assistance from the machine itself.

TecnoMix: Combinación tecnológica

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