Preparation of salt dissolutions and powdered products on a large scale

TecnoSal is the solution designed by EAS to prepare salt and powder dissolutions on a large scale. Enables a stable liquid preparation to be sent to a machine or to be stored for later use.

TecnoSal is composed of a structure, where in the top part we find the loading module and in the lower part the solid product dosing part, and a dissolving tank with the weighing control.

Its stainless-steel hopper with a built-in crane has a capacity of up to 200 liters and space for resting product sacks, allowing the loading of raw material on a large scale with big bags.

The load cells incorporated in TecnoSal allow weighing the amount of salt for precise product loading into the 1000-liter preparation tank, which is equipped with a powerful agitator for the preparation of the solution.

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EAS: TecnoSal

A great 4.0 machine with great advantages

Thanks to the integration with InfoTint and the built-in Atlantis PCT-900 controller, TecnoSal is able to calculate the amount of salt and water needed to generate a highly stable brine with a known concentration at all times and store it in containers with controlled levels. This concentration is reported to InfoTint which will calculate the amount of brine needed in the recipe and, when necessary. This brine can be used when needed by the dyeing machines for filling in the process or sent through the TecnoDos to the preparation tanks.


TecnoSal is able to manage stock control of the brine warehouse, performing new dissolutions, whenever the minimum level is reached, in an automatic way. This automation allows the optimization of time and resources with advantages such as:


In a cotton process example, from a 600kg machine of a dark color, we can say that we have to throw in the addition tank 20 or 30 bags of salt. What if it was a 1000kg machine? What if it was 50 machines? A lot of time is wasted throwing bag by bag of salt in the preparation tank and waiting for its recirculation with the machine's bath. With TecnoSal, the brine is ready in the required time saving on costs.

The fact of using the salt as brine makes everything more homogeneous. This results in better final dyeing results and less reprocessing and more margin for the company.

In the normal process, there are always variations, both in the weight of the salt bags, and in the machine's liter count. If it happens that salt bags are taken, for example, with variations to more salt and a liter counter with variations of less in the fillings, the density must be corrected in the middle of the process. In the case of the TecnoSal there is no such problem, as there are no salt variations. The brine is always prepared with the same concentration and the normal water and always go by the same liter counter in the machine, so the water vs. salt ratio is much more precise.

Reduced work for machine operators, so that one operator can do more than before.

Elimination of the handling of heavy salt bags throughout the plant, improving the ergonomics of the operators.

Large scale work thanks to its loading system using big bags.

Improves the dissolution process by eliminating waste and making use of all the salt.

Obtaining constant and stable dissolutions.

Greater control of the stock of raw materials and preparations.

Easy maintenance, long life

We use strong and durable materials such as stainless steel and top-quality parts with readily available spare parts to make your repair as fast and economical as possible. We have put our experience of more than 25 years in the industry to design a durable and high-performance product. In addition, with our remote technical service you can enjoy remote assistance from the machine itself.

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