Total connection to the textile plant

TexDrive is our software system designed for total plant control. The system integrates the entire production cycle: from the production order, through all intermediate processes including the route sheet, to the finished product.

EAS: TexDrive


In addition to the standard functions of textile plant management systems, TexDrive stands out from other systems because of the advantages it offers:

  • Flexible routing that allows operations to be added once production has started.
  • Each operation can have its own recipe and technical process components.
  • Communication with a large number of control systems on the market
  • One version for all customers and constantly updated
  • Easy editing of listings and printouts.
  • Process and recipe optimization.
  • Formulas that simplify and reduce processes.

With TexDrive we can distinguish between the administrative and productive management it includes:

  • Commercial provisions
  • Allows the creation of multiple production lines, with the possibility of numbering and printing format for each line
  • Customization of customer labels
  • Multilingual
  • Fabric storage management. Entry notes. Matches
  • Product order forms. Orders to suppliers, receipt of orders
  • Management of external collaborators
  • Expeditions and delivery notes. Documents adapted to each client
  • Management of fees per customer, coding of discounts per item, color, etc
  • Possibility to export all listings to Word and Excel format
  • Customer-definable listings
  • Grid on all screens for easy viewing of recorded data
  • Production order management
  • Graphical planning can be changed by simply dragging the mouse
  • Routing management. Recipes by operation. Dynamic route
  • Reprocessing Management
  • Full connection with production machines
  • Product warehouse management
  • Production reports that can be parameterized by the client
  • Production tracking (general, by machine, operator, customer, item, etc.)
  • Production Costs
  • Operator management
  • External reprocessing
  • Traceability

TexDrive: Gestión administrativa y productiva

All our solutions in one system

EAS: TexDrive, sistema modularizado

TexDrive is modularized and designed in a single, complete block architecture, like a large continent, not like interconnected islands. It is the system that carries the EAS DNA. By implementing it in its entirety, we have all the control under the same system. In this case, InfoTint leverages the solution on the recipe side and connects to machines in the laboratory, maintenance, dyeing, finishing and weaving; TexDrive manages the production flow in weaving, dyeing and finishing to the final product.

The connection with our Atlantis programmers and our dosing systems (TecnoDos, TecnoSal, TecnoMix, etc.) are the tentacles of the solution, operating the functions and making it possible for what is programmed to be done. In this way, TexDrive is a concrete, modern and technological solution that brings the industry 4.0 directly to your company.

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