Weaving & Knitting

The solution for every type of fabric

A powerful combination of TexDrive, InfoTint and our Atlantis PCT-300 Stand-alone equipment allows full control of the weaving production from start to finish.

The stock always
under control

TexDrive allows to plan in a practical and efficient way your production since the generation of the work order. It offers a flexible solution to control the warehouse stock of all raw materials, adapting to manufacturing needs.

Infotint records the activity of all types of machines, no matter if they are straight, flat, jacquard or circular; you can monitor them online through our Atlantis PCT-300 stand-alone programmer. Latest generation 4.0 technology adapted to the textile sector.

Tejeduría: Combinación entre TexDrive, InfoTint y Atlantis

Goodbye to paperwork

Our system shows all data of the article's data sheet on the screen of the Atlantis PCT-300 stand-alone controller.

Relevant values such as speed, number of parts, production width and others are also displayed. All information is integrated in TexDrive and InfoTint for full process traceability, without using logging papers.

Know how Atlantis works

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Global control in your hands

By adding the TexMonitor module to Infotint, all relevant information during the production process can be displayed and recorded in real time. In a simple glance you will have control of your plant by accessing data such as:


  • The analysis and status of production.
  • The registration and management of machine stops.
  • The visualization of OEE efficiencies segmented by:
    shift, operator, group of machines among others.


Know how InfoTint works

Plan your production to the millimeter

With TexPlani the organization of the plant will be taken to the next level. The production order generated on each loom is organized in a queue and presented in a timeline. You can consult the theoretical time of each batch and reorder them according to your production needs. With a simple click you can adapt the production of the plant to the needs of your customers.

TexPlani: Planifica tu producción al milímetro

Your machines are always ready

The maintenance control of the production machines is vital. By incorporating the TexMant module to Infotint, we provide accurate control of each machine's downtime for corrective maintenance, service order control, and the spare parts warehouse with its corresponding inventory.

In addition, the preventive maintenance of all machines can be planned, achieving an organization without unforeseen events. All the records will be reflected in TexPlani for a total coordination of the production plant.

EAS Software: TexMant

Your piece always located

The traceability of production process is fundamental. With TexDrive certification system we register the position of the part in each stage of the process so that you can see it online through TexWeb. At all times you will know the status of your production and where it is in the chain.

Total connection with the company

The flexibility of Infotint and Texdrive allows connection to third-party systems via the TexHost tool. This module takes care of the data exchange between management programs, obtaining complementary data of the production process.

EAS: TexDrive, sistema modularizado

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