3 accessories to improve quality in the textile dyeing process

12 March 21

In textile dyeing automation processes, are involved several accessories that are vital for its correct operation. The automation of textile processing has helped many companies to achieve optimum quality results. …

In textile dyeing automation processes, are involved several accessories that are vital for its correct operation.

The automation of textile processing has helped many companies to achieve optimum quality results. However, this requires durable accessories to help achieve precise values.

Which accessories are really the most important?

There are many accessories on the market for all kinds of industries. Besides the Water-Soluble Bags, which are a perfect complement for the dissolution of dyestuffs in the dyeing process, we developed a list of 3 relevant accessories that will really help to control all the small details of the dyeing process.

3 accessories to control the textile dyeing process

1. Level control systems:

A good level control system is essential for the different dyeing machines. We have 3 infallible systems: Electrode control, the Reed system and bubbling control.

Electrode control

Image with the outstanding advantages of the Electrode Level Control accessory for industrial dry cleaners from the EAS Escarré online store. Control-nivel-reed.

The electrode level control system is composed of a fixed or adjustable level probe, to measure the level of a conductive liquid.

These probes have special functions such as anti-foam control and electrical safety.

They are made of stainless steel and have a protective coating that helps to measure the exact level accurately. They are connected to the CL-2A relays, generating a signal indicating the level value of the probe.

For added safety, they can be connected to the CL-SA relay which monitors the electrical circuit and to send a safety alarm signal if a problem is detected. The last one is very useful to measure the level of hazardous products.

Reed control

Image of the Reed type level control system and its advantages, an accessory for industrial dry cleaners sold in the EAS Escarré online store.

Reed level controls are especially used in dyeing machines as they allow analogue control of the level to measure the bath ratio.

One of their advantages is the capability to control the level externally on the machine through the level display. By detecting the passage of the float as the level rises, the external indicator changes the color indicating the level at the moment.

Also, it can be done by placing a bistable magnetic contact. This will help pumps and solenoid valves, or for maximum and minimum level signaling.

Bubble level control

Bubbling type level control system for textile dyeing plants distributed by EAS Escarre, specialists in automation of textile processes.

The third level system we consider essential is the bubble level measurement system, composed by the BL relay and the BLT probe.

Combined with the flow regulator and the stainless-steel tube, keeps the pressure stable at the end of the tube. Hence, there is no pressure loss in the system thanks to the regulating valve placed in the pipe.

2. Flow measurement system

Flow measurement system distributed by EAS Escarré, automation and services for the textile industry, in its online store.

The batch-control system is another vital point to measure the quantity of water. With this accessory we can measure the precise amount of water to be used in our production process. That is the reason why we recommend a versatile and durable flow meter.

The batch control kit is composed of a rotor flow sensor FLS-100 with a robust construction. It’s capable of measuring the flow speed with an accuracy of 0.15m/s and withstand temperatures above 80ºC. Thanks to the insulation of the electronics, it has a long service life.

The C210 is the device that visually indicates the flow rate. It features two counting outputs, IP65 protection, and a programmable pulse duration between 0.1 and 1 second.

This pack is completed by the stainless-steel insert to be welded to the pipe where the FLS will be installed.

3. Control by inductance

Seam control system or Seam Finder Kit distributed by EAS Escarré in its online store of accessories for the textile industry.

The control by inductance is the time it takes for the fabric to make a complete turn inside the dyeing machine. Measuring this parameter, we will be able to know how much the fabric has been in contact with the dye bath, and thus increase the quality of our process.

The Seam Detector Kit consists of a relay which receives the signal from a coil activated by a magnet, that have been placed in the fabric roll.

Finally, this system helps us to find the seam of the rolls at the end of the process, by stopping the machine at the exact point of union. The seam detector kit can be configured for machines of 1 or 2 inductances, adding another kit every 2 inductance we would like to control.

These are the 3 basic pillars in terms of accessories for measuring and controlling all those processes in the dyeing plant.

In our online shop you will find these and many more accessories, carefully selected for daily use in the textile industry.

If you would like more information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to explain and give you more details.