ELIAN GROUP implements TexLab module to automate their lab dosing machine

ELIAN GROUP implements TexLab module to automate their lab dosing machine

With 30 years of experience, Elian Group is a renowned company in the Brazilian textile market thanks to the quality and care of its products. 

To develop a product of the highest quality, the company relies on EAS technology to automate their R&D laboratory and continue to grow in the textile sector.

The challenge in the textile laboratory

With a production of 9 million pieces each year, Elian Group challenged us to improve their colors:

  • To reduce the input of the same data in different systems avoiding time loss and errors.
  • To increase the reproducibility of the laboratory for production.
  • To increase productivity in the development of new colors in the laboratory.
  • Increase the quality of color recipes and dyestuff dissolution.

The EAS solution:

We implemented in their factory in Jaraguá do Sul the software module TexLab.

This module is part of our InfoTint management system, allowing Elian Group to automate their laboratory and connect a high precision SALCE lab dosing machine to develop solutions and colors.

A commitment to automate a process that soon will be reflected in beautiful fabrics, which will continue to maintain an extraordinary level of quality.

The benefits of TexLab at Elian Group:

The implementation of the TexLab module in InfoTint achieves an integration of the spectrophotometer. By loading the information automatically from the indicated trichrome, it is not necessary to enter this data, avoiding duplicities and achieving an optimization of the process.

TexLab also allows the insertion of auxiliary tables and customer-specific rule descriptions. So, the quantities are automatically calculated for each preparation. By using this software, we avoid errors when entering calculations made manually, among others. 

One of the goals was to integrate the Salce textile lab dosing machine, responsible for preparing the solutions. With TexLab we have automated the entire process with high precision. TexLab is responsible to send all the information to dose the quantities of all components to design the recipe automatically and with the exact amount. A leap in productivity that will allow Elian Group to save time and costs in R & D.

Once the recipe has been approved to go into production, the recipe integrates on InfoTint without having to be re-entered. A great advantage, since it reduces the implementation time in the production plant.

Elian Group continues to invest in the implementation of tools that optimize the various development and production processes. A commitment to industry 4.0 helping to establish high standards of quality and precision reflected in their final product. EAS has contributed by putting all our know-how and over 30 years of experience innovation in the industrial textile sector.

If you would like further information about this implementation or any of our solutions for the automation of the industrial textile industry, please contact us!