Febratex confirms date change to 2021 due to Covid 19

Febratex confirms date change to 2021 due to Covid 19

Febratex Group organizers of the largest exhibition for the textile and clothing industry in Latin America, scheduled to be held from 18 to 21 August in the city of Blumenau in Brazil, the Febratex, has announced through a statement issued on the 7 April 2020 that the date has been changed to 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting half the planet. 

The statement informed that the competent authorities in Blumenau are currently working to set up a field hospital in Parque Vila Germânica, the venue where the textile exhibition would be held, to treat all those affected by Coronavirus. 

The organizers, in full support of this measure to protect the entire population of the Itajaí Valley, have also announced the event will celebrate from 2 to 5 February 2021 at the same venue.

Febratex will be held from 2 to 5 February 2021, in the Vila Germânica Park, Blumenau Brazil.

At EAS we fully understand and support the measures taken by the organizers of Febratex. Therefore, we reiterate our commitment, confirming our attendance for 2021.

While we work from home developing new challenges to face, we manifest to all the authorities of Blumenau our support in the fight against this pandemic that we all suffer from.

We encourage all those interested in the Brazilian exhibition to stay tuned to the information provided at the Febratex website. We will also keep you updated through our blog and social networks. 

See you at Febratex 2021!