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In early June, one of the world's leading giants in low-cost online retailing launched a tough marketing campaign by opening a pop-up shop in the centre of Madrid.
Software is the basis of all industrial automations in any sector.
Pantone Color Institute has chosen the color to paint 2022. A tradition marking 22 years since the American company started this tradition back in 2000.
In this post we explain about what is an ERP system, and the main aspects and features. We’ll look up from the general use to the specific requirements for textile industry market and the benefits of its implementation.
In the textile industry, there are several computer programs used to manage each of the departments of the company.
4.0 textile industry (cyber industry of the future or smart industry) corresponds to a new way of organizing production resources by continuously automating industrial practices and processes through technology.
If there is one thing that characterizes HJ Tinturaria, it is their aim to ally themselves with 4.0 technology to fill their ideas with colour and transform their projects into fashion and functionality.
A new concept of color kitchen 4.0 capable of managing the different dyestuff mixtures to be sent to the corresponding dyeing machine in a fast and safe way. Reliability to grammage of the recipe with a high impact on raw material savings.
The coronavirus crisis has thrown the world economy into chaos. All industrial sectors have suffered irreversible changes from all perspectives and, even though the end of the pandemic is increasingly in sight, the road ahead remains unpredictable and uncertain.
Nowadays we have many technological developments allowing us to carry out an infinite number of functions. It is worth highlighting among all of them, the business digitalization systems that help us to be more efficient and contributes to develop a more sustainable textile industry.
The chemical dosages in the textile plant are adapted to special productions in order to optimise the different processes and to achieve a great impact on the quality of the final product.
In textile dyeing automation processes, are involved several accessories that are vital for its correct operation.
In our daily life we use various water-soluble products even though we are not aware of it. The most common example can be a dishwasher or washing machine pods.
The maintenance of industrial textile machines and their accessories is a daily challenge that every company must face. This means being prepared for those cases where machines suddenly stop working as a result of the deterioration of a spare part without having foreseen it.
Classic Blue was the color chosen by Pantone last year to mark 2020.
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