Tecnosal: System for the automatic dissolution of textile powders

Tecnosal: System for the automatic dissolution of textile powders

Tecnosal is a machine created by EAS to facilitate the automatic preparation of salt and powder dissolution on a large scale. This machine performs the preparation in order to be used, stored or dosed later to other machines in a liquid and stable condition.

It is equipped with one of our Atlantis 900 Series controllers to manage the process of dissolution by establishing different programs and modalities depending on the type of product.

TecnoSal is a large-scale machine that uses top quality materials. On top we can find the stainless-steel hopper with 200 liters capacity, and space to place bags with security grid. Its crane allows to load salt on a large volume through a big bag.


The lower part of the machine is for preparations. Through its load cells, TecnoSal calculates the amount of salt to be used and delivers them to the preparation tank with up to 1000 litres capacity.

A water meter in the tank calculates the precise amount of water to dissolve the salt. Finally, a powerful agitator will prepare the dissolution according to the program selected, taking the whole product. Once the process is finished, the mixture can be transferred to another storage tank or sent directly to the machine where the dissolution will be used.

The result: a solution with the right amount of product, made under constant agitation parameters to make the mixture chemically stable. This results in a direct impact on the enhancement of product quality and a traceable control of the process.

A system that allows an automatic, measured and controlled process

With this system for dissolving powders in textile industries, we centralize the entire process in one section of the factory, and we eliminate the handling of heavy bags by the operator. In addition, it allows to work with large amounts, and to maintain a control of available mixing stock.

TecnoSal will calculate a constant preparation to always maintain a minimum stock of product and will automatically supply the mixture to the machine requesting it, recording all the data in a management software for later analysis and follow-up.

Undoubtedly the main advantage of having a TecnoSal in the textile plant is to transform a manual and imprecise process into an automatic and measured one. This is another solution that EAS offers you on your way to textile automation.