Working for a sustainable textile industry

Our commitment: The creation of products and solutions that meet the objectives of sustainable development.

Sustainability at the heart of our developments

We ensure compliance with the objectives of the 2030 agenda. We focus on the well-being of people and care for the planet by designing products and solutions that contribute to a sustainable textile industry.

Experience, technology, and innovation
Efficient production processes
Environmentally friendly practices
Efficiency as a driver of change

We promote the practice of efficient production, providing customers with tools to know their consumption and practice continuous improvement of their processes to reduce their environmental impact.

We work with customers who have specific climate action programs for the textile industry, ensuring reforestation, water recycling and reuse of materials.

EAS and sustainable development goals

In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted 17 Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have defined a Sustainability Plan with continuous improvement objectives and measures that fall within the framework of the 17 UN SDGs.

Water as a source of life
Water as a source of life
The textile industry is one of the industries that consumes the most water resources. For this reason, we develop tools to control and monitor water consumption in the production chain and reduce it to the minimum necessary. In addition, we collaborate with companies such as Idrossistem Energy to promote the implementation of water treatment plants in textile plants.
Made by people for people
Made by people for people
We pursue the improvement of production processes and the well-being of workers. Our solutions improve the ergonomics of daily work and contribute to the development of sustainable jobs that contribute to the generation of local wealth.
A commitment to sustainable industrialization
A commitment to sustainable industrialization
We encourage the modernization of textile industry infrastructures by offering solutions that contribute to cleaner manufacturing processes and ensure the long-term responsible use of resources.
Shared responsibility
Shared responsibility
We support companies in the transition process towards sustainability producing sustainable textiles in accordance with international standards adopted by large corporations. We also strive to maximize the life cycle of our machines and controllers by using easily repairable components.
Fostering Lean Manufacturing

We encourage production control by introducing KPIs to help us monitor production activity. Our software includes powerful tools for the development of sustainable production with measurable objectives to implement continuous process improvement. We can measure indicators such as:

  • Right First Time (RFT)
    Products manufactured without errors or rework.
  • Overall Eficiency Equipment (OEE)
    Measuring the efficiency of the machine park.
  • Consumption
    Our controllers monitor and display water, steam, and energy consumption for on-site monitoring.